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  • Dormeon, Gentleheart(female)
  • Navas, Champion Of Dragons(female)
  • Aygy, Champion Of The Blue(female)
  • Qomi, Gentleheart(female)
  • Rirmenth, Icebreath(female)
  • Urse, The Eternal(female)
  • Meday, Protector Of Life(female)
  • Bokyntalth, Protector Of The Weak(female)
  • Somaphy, The Youngling(female)
  • Torvora, The Voiceless One(female)
  • Runeog, The Skinny One(neutral)
  • Oivoass, The Victorious(neutral)
  • Xizzayth, Champion Of The Black(neutral)
  • Seovru, Protector Of Creatures(neutral)
  • Cukoirth, The Fast One(neutral)
  • Piannae, Champion Of Men(neutral)
  • Birlier, The Tiran(neutral)
  • Cheondururth, The Careful(neutral)
  • Gedheinteir, Lord Of The Yellow(neutral)
  • Chudhelion, Champion Of The White(neutral)
  • Parud, The Magnificent(male)
  • Greky, Champion Of Dragons(male)
  • Dizid, Champion Of The Blue(male)
  • Zyrdiss, Lord Of Fire(male)
  • Kalzreirth, Champion Of The Black(male)
  • Zyvrerth, The Fierce(male)
  • Jegeorth, The Gifted One(male)
  • Cildrerryt, Braveheart(male)
  • Kieldryrom, Lord Of The Black(male)
  • Itinyrth, Champion Of The Red(male)

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