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  • Orle, The Warrior(female)
  • Data, Eater Of All(female)
  • Tydhol, Protector Of The Sky(female)
  • Aethu, Eater Of Sheep(female)
  • Qevna, The Tender(female)
  • Eini, The Clean(female)
  • Tallarth, The Gentle(female)
  • Nennanath, The White(female)
  • Rissaentel, The Barbarian(female)
  • Garlyrylth, The Strong(female)
  • Moirviag, The Champion(neutral)
  • Chorayrth, The Fast One(neutral)
  • Tupyn, Champion Of The White(neutral)
  • Noirroirth, Protector Of The Weak(neutral)
  • Zaeroiss, The Adorable(neutral)
  • Qynnae, Lord Of The White(neutral)
  • Zaelroa, Lord Of The Brown(neutral)
  • Tydurrus, The Dark One(neutral)
  • Sothelus, Protector Of The Weak(neutral)
  • Aegophyrth, The Careful(neutral)
  • Demeir, The Victorious(male)
  • Maymmyn, Protector Of The Forest(male)
  • Pylbem, The Magnificent(male)
  • Friaghe, Lord Of The White(male)
  • Rothen, The Warm(male)
  • Kyvreoss, The Tiran(male)
  • Dommas, The Squeeler(male)
  • Idryntem, Champion Of Men(male)
  • Qeiddrirrairth, Lord Of The Brown(male)
  • Rodyntayn, The Creep(male)

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